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5 New Year’s Resolutions to Help Depression

December 31, 2019

Having a mental illness can be tough this time of the year, especially when people (and yourself) are expecting a ‘new you’ when the clock strikes midnight. 

Realistically, we can’t totally revamp ourselves overnight. However, we can push for smaller changes in ourselves.

Below are some of the more realistic resolutions we can set for ourselves next year:


  • Get more physically active


Whether it’s walking or something else, setting aside time each day to get your daily dose of physical activity can help you both physically and mentally. 


  • Set aside time away from the screen


Being with your phone or other gadgets all the time can keep you from enjoying other things in life – appreciating the outdoors, talking in-person, or just feeling the boredom (which is actually good according to studies). 


  • Be nicer to yourself


Sometimes, when we are depressed, we tend to talk negatively about ourselves, like we can’t make anything right. 

If you find yourself in this situation, try writing down your thoughts and have these things in perspective. You’ll be surprised to find out that these thoughts aren’t exactly true. 


  • Conquer small items in your list


Whether it’s your to-do or bucket list, tackling one thing at a time can make you feel more accomplished (contrary to feeling overwhelmed when dealing with multiple items at once).


  • Communicate your needs


A good support system is important when you have depression. It’s also equally important to be able to communicate your needs to them, without feeling any shame or embarrassment. 

If you don’t feel comfortable verbalizing them, you may start by writing them instead.

Dealing with a mental health issue can be tough but simple resolutions like these can definitely make a difference as you start another year.