A Broken Heart Or Something Else?

February 26, 2021

Like losing someone to death, breakups can bring a mix of emotions. While it’s tough at the moment to realize that you’ll eventually go through it, YOU CAN!

Here is some expert advice on how you can deal with the aftermath of a breakup:

1. Allow yourself to feel those feelings
Just like any type of loss, you’ll go through a series of emotions after a breakup- denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. Feel those feelings. At this point, don’t deny yourself having them. Know that it’s just a phase and you’ll go through it.

2. Practice self-care
This is a tough time and so, the more important it is to take good care of yourself.

Take a long bath or shower, eat your favorite treat (in moderation), get enough sleep, and exercise.

Any physical activity may be the last thing in your mind but it helps release the feel-good hormones (also known as the endorphins). It doesn’t have to be intense; just a simple walk can make a difference.

3. Don’t be your feelings
If you need to scream, cry, or journal your feelings do so, but set a time to do it and focus your energy on something else.

Let’s say, you’re feeling sad. Cry or write it down if you need to for an hour. After that, move on to something else.

4. Resist the temptation of contacting your ex
After a breakup, it may feel like having a withdrawal syndrome. You constantly have the urge to get back to the person who used to give you those feel-good hormones. Resist it.

Giving in to these feelings and communicating again with your ex may lead to you struggling again and getting stuck for months or even years.

5. Find support
A lot of times after a breakup, people are actually willing to offer support. Many just don’t know what to do. However, if you reach out and ask for help, they may offer you the support that you need.

Most people have been through breakups at some point in their lives. They may be able to offer you counsel or just nuggets of wisdom they learned through that rough time.

If you still struggle and it starts to affect your sleep and daily activities in life, you may want to seek help from a professional. This person can help you process your emotions better and offer strategies to get through this phase.