TMS Therapy: Is it safe?

You probably have read about the benefits of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or TMS especially on mood disorders like depression and anxiety. You may be considering treatment, but curious if it’s really safe.

Understanding TMS

TMS is a non-invasive procedure. Many patients who did not have success in the conventional treatment plan for their depression or anxiety were able to experience relief from TMS therapy.

During TMS therapy, you’ll be seated the whole time. You’ll also be fully awake and be able to talk to the doctor during the entire duration of the therapy.

If it’s your first session, the doctor usually conducts a test to determine your motor threshold. This will determine the level of magnetic field that will be used for your treatment.

As mentioned above, this is a non-invasive procedure. The doctor will just place an electromagnetic coil against your forehead. This coil is the medium through which the magnetic pulses will be delivered to the targeted part of the brain.

Each TMS therapy session usually lasts for about 35 minutes.

Is it Safe?

TMS therapy is safe. It’s FDA-cleared and an effective non-drug therapy for mood disorders, stroke, pain, and even for autism spectrum disorder.

Unlike conventional treatments like drugs, TMS is not associated with undesirable side effects. Some patients though experience moderate discomfort or pain a week after the treatment. However, this side effect is just temporary.

You can schedule an appointment with us to find out if TMS is right for you.