Top Causes of Anxiety

April 27, 2018

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health disorders in the United States. It is estimated that about 40 million adults in the country are suffering from anxiety. That accounts for about 18.1% of the population.

Anxiety is usually caused by the following:

  1. Stress
    Stress especially when experienced on a long-term basis such as being in a job you disliked or being in an emotionally-damaging relationship can make you more susceptible to anxiety disorders.Stress can eventually lead to anxiety disorders as it affects the part of the brain that controls coping; it affects the balance of hormones and brain chemicals (also known as neurotransmitters) and it overwhelms your mind.
  2. Life Experiences
    Anxiety disorders can develop as a result of experiences from childhood. They can also be a result of rough upbringing.You may learn anxiety from your parents or from their teachings (e.g. if you’ve been constantly told that strangers will harm you, you may grow up having a phobia on them).
  3. Trauma
    There are certain traumas that can lead to the development of anxiety disorders. These are usually severe forms of trauma that put you under intense stress. Near death experiences, sexual assault, violence, and witnessing death are examples of such trauma.
  4. Change
    Each of us has different ways of coping with changes. Some of us cope with change easily while others don’t. For those who are struggling in coping with changes are at risk of developing anxiety disorders. This can happen as change can cause a person to suffer from a significant amount of stress.
  5. Anxiety
    Yes, you read that right. Anxiety itself can lead to succeeding episodes of anxiety. Earlier experiences with anxiety or panic attacks can cause an overwhelming fear and stress, leading to future anxiety or panic attacks.

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